Krakow walking tour and kangaroos

As I promised in my last post, I’ll share with you my memories from my visit in Krakow. It’s the continuation of my spontaneous journey on my way home for holidays. Although, I’ve chosen the destinations by coincidence, the choices were amazing. Lyon trip was full of positive energy and Krakow walking tour was not worse at all. I’ve never been to Poland before so I didn’t know what to expect. During my stay in Sydney I met some Polish people who recommended me Krakow as it’s one of the most beautiful cities in there. I didn’t see different Polish cities but Krakow itself was amazing indeed.

Let’s go on Krakow walking tour!

Anyway, I chose to visit the city through the Krakow walking tour with KrakowDirect company. I prefer to see every street by walk as it gives me an opportunity to discover it closer. Krakow is the city with utterly amazing architecture as it very diverse. There are districts full of old medieval buildings and there are areas entirely modern with impressive skyscrapers. Although it’s not a big city like Sydney, its the place where many styles and cultures crosses. During the Krakow walking tour I had a chance to see four interesting quarters called: Stare Miasto, Kazimierz, Podgorze and Nowa Huta. It took the whole day but was worth it! My favorite one was Kazimierz – an old Jewish quarter, as my grandfather was Jewish and he used to tell me about his childhood. I saw many beautiful synagogues and I even managed to go on classical concert of choir in one of them!

Kzimierz quarter
Beautiful streets of Kazimierz during Krakow walking tour

The Podgorze quarter was also very memorable place for me. It was the next stop on the Krakow walking tour and gave me the chance to visit the famous Schindler’s Factory. I saw the Schindler List movie of Spielberg last year and now I could discover the details of its plot. The life of Oskar Schindler impressed me a lot as he was the real hero. Podgorze quarter was also the place of former Krakow Ghetto and through the interactive exhibitions in the Museum I got to know its residents. It was kind of reconstruction of the old times and I could feel like one of the resident of ghetto indeed.

How about ZOO?

My memory of Australia in Zoo Krakow

After may Krakow walking tour I wanted to see something more outside the city. I’ve chosen to ZOO as I’m crazy about animals. It is located in a beautiful, green and mountainous area of Krakow – Zwierzyniec. I was lucky to go there while the weather was very sunny – the landscapes were breathtaking. Kangaroos and Ibis birds reminded me of Australia of course. I was kindly surprised to see that the ZOO was in such a good condition. Animals were well-cared-for and looked like they have everything that they need. I’ve spend in ZOO almost 6 hours, as the area is really huge with plenty of animal species. However, the ‘birds area’ was for sure my favorite one.

I didn’t have time to visit something more around Krakow, but I’ve decided to do so in a close future. Maybe next year – who knows? Anyway, my trip to France an Poland was very satisfying. Picturesque Lyon as well as diverse Krakow walking tour were something that I need after long stay in Australia. Now I’m on my way home – beloved Sweden. I’m going to enjoy every minute with my family and when I’m come back in Sydney I’ll let you know for sure!